Close Games

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Close Games

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The Pirates play 28 of their final 47 games at home, where they have fared far better (.453 winning percentage) than on the road (.344).

The Pirates are 17-18 in one-run games this season. Reverse their record in close games — going 41-29 instead of 29-41 — and they would be pushing .500 and staying within wild-card contention, if not competing for the title in an NL Central that is baseball’s worst division.
Inexperienced and learning on the job.

If a few of these prospects can deliver, we could be seeing winners baseball soon.
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Re: Close Games

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The definition of looking at the glass half full. It's tough to remain patient while watching the youngsters. I know fans have grumbled about the pitching staff, but the fact of the matter is that our starting pitching was pretty good and was keeping us in games. The tough part was usually getting through the 7th & 8th innings.

Those of us that are seeing the empty half of the glass just can't ignore the miserable offense. John Wehner eluded to it last night that many of these youngsters have to taught situational hitting. I'm also a firm believer that, more than today's game, a hitter can't survive on being reactive to pitching. The batter has to guess at what is going to be thrown on every pitch and then try to react if guessed wrong. It's the mental part of hitting and I don't see evidence of that when watching games.
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