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 Post subject: Game Report: Bucs vs. Brewers 5/21/10
PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2010 3:09 pm 
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Since finals have come and gone, it's time to get back to going to baseball games and writing game reports. This thread is going to kind of be a mishmash of things which will all relate to Pirates baseball but not necessarily to this game.

This game could have been entitled "The First Inning Was Fun." Sadly, after the first inning the offense took a severe nosedive. I noticed that a blog post on WHYGAVS today mentioned that this has been the Pirates style this season. I was mentioning that to my girlfriend when we were at PNC last night.

I don't really understand why we consistently jump out to a 3-0 lead or something of that nature in the first inning and then fail to score any runs the entire rest of the game. I know baseball is a streaky game but this has happened numerous times throughout this season. It makes me wonder if it's just streakiness or whether opposing pitchers are able to diagnose our hitters better after their first at bats. Either way, I just hope we can start scoring runs throughout the ballgame.

I think Lastings Milledge is a magnet for mental lapses. I like him but it's really frustrating when he finds a way to cost the team in the field and on the basepaths with what seems like regularity. By my estimation, and obviously I am no expert, he's a pretty bad baserunner. I don't know if bad things attract him as I mentioned earlier or he just brain farts all over.

The last few games, we've been batting Milledge leadoff. His batting average with runners in scoring position is over .400. The logical thing, then, is to bat him leadoff? I know that his skill set (or perceived skill set as he drifts further and further into this career of his) is such that he should be able to handle the occasional leadoff role if necessary. Iwamura hasn't been playing so we obviously need to find someone else to bat first. But with this statistic we go with Milledge there? This was exacerbated two days ago when he led off four times because of how the outs and order shook out but I think we need another plan.

What could that be? McCutchen is your prototypical leadoff hitter but he's arguably the best hitter on our team right now. He can't hit in every spot (sadly) and we can't clone him. I think we should keep him hitting 3rd so that he gets the RBI opportunities. I guess we could try Cedeno but he's really not all that patient at the plate as evidenced by his .275 OBP. Looking at the statistics, those are really our only two options in that spot for the time being and Milledge has an OBP of .318. He also has 13 walks as opposed to Cedeno's appalling 5. Throw this in with his .238 batting average and, ouch. Milledge it is.

Maholm had a pretty good outing. At one point he had given up less hits than runs but that didn't stop the Brewers from essentially getting 4 runs on 4 hits and beating the Pirates after the hot start. Maholm is usually pretty unspectacular, which was the case today, but he went deep enough into the ballgame and he gave us a chance to win. That's really all we can ask for out of him and he delivered.

Maholm and the bullpen also kept Braun and Fielder in check for the most part and that's really no easy task. Hopefully we'll see more of the same from the good guys who run out there today.

I have decided to start a Twitter account and will be tweeting from PNC this weekend. I plan on attending all the games. The plan is to use this as a supplement to the game reports. I'm going to get a feel for this weekend and see if I like it and if anybody else likes it. If people follow, and I enjoy it I will keep it coming. If not, it will fade off into the dark abyss like Hubble. Either way, check it out today if you's the link:

And finally, a picture from the game. It was the first time I saw the Parrot up in 325:


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 Post subject: Re: Game Report: Bucs vs. Brewers 4/21/10
PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2010 4:55 pm 
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I believe Russell has decided to bat Milledge in the lead-off spot against left-handers simply because he thinks that apart from Cutch, no other right-handed hitter gives him some on-base with speed.

It is basically a matter of Milledge occupying the spot, since the only other option is:

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 Post subject: Re: Game Report: Bucs vs. Brewers 4/21/10
PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2010 5:15 pm 
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